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About RCFans

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About RCFans

RCFans Launched in 2003,the founders & CEO is Hao LIN,Bamboo.

Company Headquater:Hongkong & Guangzhou,China

RCFans is the largest Chinese radio control media in the world. We service 31,900 unique visitors each day and more than 250,000 registered members. Furthermore, more than 30 RCFans Franchise Model Shops set up all over major cities in  Mainland China & HK.We are home to some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry – professionals and hobbyists alike.

RCFans consists of a series of website, including news site, forum,  Group buying , News Site(American)  Wechat  and RCFans racing etc.
According to ‘Google Analytics’, Alexa data, RCFans is the NO.1 Chinese RC Car website in the world. We provide RC news releases (traslated into Chinese), Advertisement and accept sponsor services . If you are interested in our RCFans, or any business cooperate planning with RCFans, please let me know.

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Submit news on RCFans

We are always on the look out for the latest news regarding RC cars and racing events, so if you where at an event and took some photos, or you saw something on the internet that we havent yet covered or you work for a manufacturer and you want us to report on your product, then get in touch. Email to

The news will be post on and Furthermore, some news will be post on iOS APP and Android APP, such as Zaker APP and RCFans APP.


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